The New Twist in American Elections

During the last twenty-five years, elections in America have become more predictable and less open. They have been “happily ever after” contests between two candidates who were more predictable than the public. Their campaigns were choreographed by campaign consultants who knew the tricks of the trade and knew how to use them, so that politicians didn’t have to think for free bingo no deposit. While citizens could find nothing wrong with their candidates, they had no power to do anything about the situation.

Now, elections have turned into a circus of corporate spin, lie, and hypocrisy. With the advent of the Internet, this will never change. In fact, it has gotten worse.

The 2020 presidential election was a perfect example of all the flaws of our elections. Let’s look at the basics.

One day, someone stands up an independent candidate. He or she wants to run as a third party candidate. Then, the media decides the third party should be on the ballot in all fifty states, and voters don’t have the choice to vote for that candidate.

So, they get to vote for the candidate, but then the National Media lets the voters down by misinforming them that the third party has no chance at all, or only a small chance of winning. As a result, the voters get less than the true, honest-to-goodness truth.

We’ve seen how the media will play all this. In the 1990s, it was the Republicans who could not keep their stories straight and made everything up. Now, it is the Democrats. If the media and the voters think a candidate can win with lies, exaggerations, and innuendo, they certainly are right.

So, we now have elections in America that play out exactly like our U.S. Senate elections. We see two candidates who have similar views. Both are predictable and are underwritten by the same business interests that promote and support them. Who gets elected?

The answer is simple. Whoever can raise the most money, regardless of who it is that gets all the media attention. It’s all about the money. There isn’t much left for voters, if any.

It is also no mystery how the money influences our political system. We also know that both parties go after wealthy contributors in order to fund their campaigns. Neither side seems to care that many times, these wealthy contributors have no interest in the election outcome.

It’s really quite sad, but unfortunately, that is what it is: it’s politicians wanting to go to the rich donors that want their money, and in return, they get to claim some power and wealth. And for that, it’s good for the politics and the money game.

It’s also a big difference between our government and our leaders, and how they run our country. Of course, there is only one winner in our country and that’s the one and only one in control of the government.

If you want to win a political office, you better believe that it will be your time. Win the election, run a good campaign, and be ready to do the dirty work once in office. That will make you, the winner.